The Winner’s Club serves disadvantage and at-risk children and youth from age 0 to 21. Many have mental, physical, or emotional challenges that are adversely affected by their family situations. We provide them with mentoring, self-esteem building, a family support system, community involvement, and individualized tutoring to enhance their educational performance. The Winner’s Club began serving youth in Gordon County in 1969. The Club was first started to provide a Boy Scout Troup Physically and Mentally Challenged Boys in Gordon County. Within the first year, The Winner’s Club began serving physically and mentally challenged girls as well. Also, within the first years our Mission widened as we began serving the abused and children with behavioral challenges.


Our Mission

To create a caring community for children with or at risk of physical, mental, or behavioral challenges and/or abuse, and to reinforce the social values of the family structure..

Winner’s Personal Growth and Service Opportunities

Our Personal Growth and Service Opportunities are free to our members so that all can benefit from these experiences. The Field Trips at the Winner’s Club provide educational opportunities that these children would not receive otherwise. Also our Service Opportunities provide our children with an avenue to help others and participate in improving our county in a hands on manner.